Working as a professional photographer for over 18 years, developing material for institutional, governmental, editorial, advertising and companies in Brazil and overseas.

Always using professional equipment with the latest technology, it becomes easier and faster to produce photos both in studio and outdoors.

Shooting only to capture the moment is not enough, you need to create, enhance and polish in order to generate captivating images that will showcase your uniqueness and personality. An image that expresses not only the technical knowledge, but the existence of an experienced and sensitive eye.

The picture is not limited to superficial languages – it stimulates our great skill to decipher the fascinating language that a good image can be to capture many secrets that our vision combined with our perception, is able to discover.

The art of photography is still unchartered territory! The raw material is our reality, our needs, the world we live in and often the world of others, with change being its only constant.





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